the dogs of rangerwood kennels


Rangerwoods Fast Flying Drake JH


5/4/2004 - 8/24/2014


OFA Good HIPs, Elbows- Normal, EIC clear, and CNM clear, Cerf-clear, 65 Lbs.

Drake's accomplishments:
2015 National Bird Dog Circuit Hall of Fame Inductee

2010 BDC National Dog of the year

2009 BDC National Top Gun Champion

2013 BDC National Doubles Champion

2008 & 2012 BDC World Top Gun Champion

3X PHU National Champion

4X PHU National Dog of the Year

2X BDC Region 2 Doubles Dog of the Year

8 BDC Super Major wins, 12 BDC Major wins

BDC Legendary Status (1327 Champion points #8 all time)

PHU #1 Flusher All Time (2125 Proven Points)

AKC Junior Hunter

Drake was/is the cornerstone of our breeding program. He was so mild mannered in the house and had unmatched drive in the field. He was a once-in-a-lifetime dog, always gave 100% in the field, and is the sole reason Rangerwood Kennels exists today. He was extremely easy to train, had a phenomenal nose, and an amazing memory—traits he passed to many of his pups and grand pups. He was one of the top flushers in the nation on the Bird Dog Challenge, Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series and Pheasant Hunters Unlimited Circuits. He won State, Regional, and National Dog of the Year titles (8 total), along with 5 National championships and 2 World champion titles. He has appeared on the Pursuit Channels Bird Dog Challenge TV multiple times. Drake was a bird finding machine. Drake sired 3 BDC National Champions and a BDC World Champion along with multiple AKC Junior, Senior and Master Hunters. Unfortunately for Drake, we didn’t get involved in AKC Hunt

test till he was 7 years old; otherwise, we believe he would have also been a Master Hunter. (Limited frozen semen available to approved females only.)



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Rangerwoods Rockin Reba


D.O.B.: 1-5-2005 - 1-28-2017


OFA excellent hips, Elbows-Normal, EIC-carrier, Cerf-clear,

58lbs.,Yellow Factored

Reba's accomplishments:
2012 BDC Labor Day Challenge Doubles Champion

2008 BDC World Doubles Champion

2008 PHU National Singles Champion

2006 PHU Puppy of the Year

2009 BDC Runner Up Dog of the Year

BDC Legendary Status (586 Champion points)


Reba is an outstanding upland hunter and retriever. She has many top 5 finishes in BDC Super majors. She quarters fields beautifully with style and grace. She regularly guides hunts at local hunt clubs. Her slow stalk into the bird once she gets the scent allows hunters to get ready for the shot. Her smaller size allows her to hunt all day. She has produced some fantastic pups that are excelling in both AKC hunt tests and tournament hunting. Reba has retired from our breeding program and she will retire from competition after the 2015 BDC World Championships.



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Rangerwoods Tailspin Tilly


WC NC LC Rangerwoods Fast Flying Drake JH X

Siark Come Back Izabelle


D.O.B.: 3-15-2007


OFA Good hips, Elbow Normal, EIC-clear, CNM clear, CERF-clear, 50lbs., Yellow Factored

Tilly's accomplishments:
2015 NBDC National Top Gun Runner Up Champion

2015 NBDC World Championship 4th Place Doubles

2010/11 WCHS Top Gun Dog of the Year

2010 BDC National Doubles Champion

2009 BDC National Puppy of the Year

2009 BDC World Doubles Champion

2008 PHU National Puppy of the Year

BDC Legendary Status (905 Champion points)


Tilly is our youngest son’s dog and she sleeps in his bed every night and all day when he’s at school. Yet she knows how to turn it on in the field. She has speed, style and a nose to match.

Tilly is Drake’s daughter and the first and only dog to be a

third generation BDC World Champion.



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Rangerwoods Rockin Red Ruby SH


WC NC LC Rangerwoods Rockin Reba X

Woodland Bays Black Eyed One MH


D.O.B.: 8-30-2009


OFA Excellent, EIC-clear, CNM clear, elbows normal, CERF-clear 48 Lbs.

Ruby's accomplishments:
2016 NBDC National Flushing Dog of the Year,
2016 NBDC Classic Doubles Champion

2015 NBDC Labor Day Challenge Top Gun Champion

2015 NBDC World Championships 3rd Place Top Gun

2012 WCHS Doubles Dog of the Year Runner Up

2011 BDC National Puppy Champion

2010/11 WCHS Puppy of the Year

2011 WCHS Invitational Doubles Champion

AKC Junior Hunter

AKC Senior Hunter

BDC Legendary Status (505 Champion points)


Ruby is Reba’s daughter and possesses many of Mom’s great upland hunting abilities, as well as being an excellent water dog. She has never failed an AKC Hunt Test and has performed outstandingly on duck hunts in Wisconsin and North Dakota. She has also done very well in Upland Hunting Tournaments.



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Rangerwoods Locked 'n' Loaded Boise SH


FC AFC It’s all over now Baby Blue x Hiedl’s Believe it or Not MH


D.O.B.: 5-31-2011


OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, EIC & CNM Clear, 62lbs.,

Tri- Factored


Boise's accomplishments:

AKC Junior Hunter

AKC Senior Hunter


Boise is Stacey’s dog. She has a very strong hunt test and field trial pedigree. Boise did a super job on her Junior Hunt test going 4 for 4 and she went 4 for 5 on her Senior title despite losing sight in her one eye at a very young age. She is very mild mannered in the house, but has great drive in the field. She is an excellent markerdespite her disability and has a great nose. She has produced some amazing pups that have been a pleasure to train. Boise was featured in the 2015 Ducks Unlimited Calendar (September).



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Rangerwoods Swims Like a Fish MH


WC NC LC Rangerwoods Fast Flying Drake JH X CT’s Miss T JH


DOB 5-20-2013


CERF Clear, EIC and CNM Clear, Hips OFA Good and Normal Elbows, 60 Lbs.


Pike’s Accomplishments

AKC Junior Hunter (12 months)

AKC Senior Hunter (14 Months)

AKC Master Hunter (1st pass at 15 months old, title at 25 months)

2015 NBDC World Doubles Champion

2015 NBDC Thanksgiving Day Shootout Top Gun Champion

2015 NBDC Region 2 Puppy of the Year

5th place Top Gun Division 2015 BDC Nationals

BDC Champion Status (242 Champion Points)


Pike is our new Stud Dog here at Rangerwood Kennels. Pike is an amazing young dog, with tons of talent and a willingness to learn that you just can’t teach. He can do it all from running hunt test to upland tournaments to the North Dakota duck blind or Pheasant Field to sitting on the couch watching the ballgame. He is so much like his sire, it’s almost scary, and he gets called Drake quite often in the field. Pike’s training has mainly focused on the AKC hunt test , but his nose and natural abilities have allowed him to do well in upland hunting competitions as

well, which will be his primary focus going forward.



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Rangerwoods Polly Wanna Pintail SH


Locked 'n' Loaded Down and Dirty MH x WC NC LC Rangerwoods Tailspin Tilly


DOB 11-30-2012


OFA Good, Elbows-Normal, EIC (tested) Clear and CNM Clear (by parentage), 56 Lbs., Tri-Factored


Polly’s Accomplishments

AKC Junior Hunter

AKC Senior Hunter

5th Place Puppy Division 2014 BDC Nationals

Top Gun Finalist 2014 BDC Nationals

2nd place Puppy Division 2014 Top Gun Championships

Qualified for 2015 BDC World Championships

BDC Champion Status (57 Champion points)


Polly is Tilly’s daughter and Drake’s Granddaughter and sired by a Master Hunter, she has the potential to be the first ever 4th generation BDC World Champion. She is terrific family dog and is wonderful with kids, yet has tremendous drive in the field and a nose to match her speed, everything a Labrador should be. She is a quick learner, passing her Junior and Senior tests without any failures. She has done very well in the few upland

tournaments she has run, with limited upland training and we look for big things from her in the future.



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Reinintz Wild Child Maxxzyn


NFC FC AFC Maxx’s Surprise X McMahan’s Christmas Evie MH QAA


DOB 10-8-2010


OFA Good Hips, EIC & CNM Clear, Chocolate Factored


Maxxzyn’s Accomplishments

AKC Junior Hunter


Maxxzyn’s demeanor doesn’t fit her name. She is one of the calmest Labradors you will ever meet and you hardly know she’s in the house. Maxxzyn has earned her AKC Junior Hunter title and is one of our personal hunting dogs. We use her in the upland field and in the duck blind. She has a stacked pedigree and has produced some very nice gun dogs.



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Rangerwoods In It To Wynn It


FC AFC HRCH Downtown Dusty Brown MH x The Blast’s Winning Streak MH


D.O.B. 8-18-2014


Wynn’s Accomplishments
AKC Master Hunter

AKC Senior Hunter

BDC Trigger Time Puppy Champion

BDC Invitational 3rd Place Puppy

BDC Champion Status (53 Champion Points)


OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, EIC and CERF Clear


Wynn is a very talented young dog with tons of drive and loves to have fun around the house. She is our oldest son, Colten’s, dog. Her mother is one of the top NBDC flushing dogs and also has 2 AKC Master National Plates—a dog that can do it all. Her sire needs no introduction. Wynn has a ton of drive and an amazing nose in the upland field. Wynn earned her Master Hunter title in 2018.



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