dogs of the past




Ranger left us at the age of 13. Ranger and Mack were our first Labradors. Ranger loved to hunt grouse in the north woods of Wisconsin and retrieve geese from the fields around our house. He was my best friend and I miss him every day. I still look for him to be sleeping in my son, Colten’s, room. He taught me how much fun it was to hunt with a good dog.




Mack was Stacey’s dog and he was the clown of our family. He was an average hunter, but a great companion. We lost Mack when he was only seven to a tumor on his heart. He and Ranger were best friends and no one missed him more than Ranger. Now they are together again.




Jake left us when he was only four years old. He was a Pheasant Hunters Unlimited National Champion and Dog of the Year. He appeared on the Outdoor Channel's Bird Dog Challenge TV Show. A great career cut short, when Jake was on, his speed and abilities couldn’t be beat.




We lost Nash the day before her first birthday. In pursuit of a pheasant, she ran in front of a car, was struck and killed. She was Drake’s daughter and she showed more promise, drive and ability than any dog I’ve seen at that age, and we miss her dearly. She was my little buddy, following me everywhere.