RANGERWOOD training services

All training done at Rangerwood Kennels is done with praise and repetition. We treat your dog as if it were one of our own. 


Training can start with pups as young as 8 weeks old. At a young age, pups absorb knowledge quickly and bad habits are more easily turned into good ones. We make training fun for the pups and knowledge is gained quickly. We have no set schedule for training because every pup/dog that comes to us is different and the needs of every owner are different.


When a pup comes to us for training, we assess where the pup is in their training, get input from the owner on what their goals are for their dog, and then we customize a plan to try and achieve those goals, whether it be basic obedience, a top notch hunting companion, or a field trial champion.


We can help you and your dog achieve a better relationship through proper training.



Training Dog
Training Puppy